Global Business Consulting

Who We Are

Global Business Consulting (GBC) is a Customer-Oriented Company

that provides technology services and solutions in Latin America.

Founded by industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 25 years in +200 projects in dozens of markets, GBC has three divisions:

– Outsourcing of IT Services: We provide companies with highly trained and experienced professionals who join (usually on-site) to their technology projects.

– Offshore Services: Development services in various technologies for companies abroad that require experienced professionals, generally in remote mode.

– Help Desk: Customized Help Desk to end users and Technical Support to Administrators of software solutions distributed by GBC.

We are experts in Application Development. We work as a team with each customer to ensure that we understand
the needs and reach the objectives. Our goal is to achieve our customers success in each project in which
we support them
and to do so we must ensure high quality services and professionalism.



Our Values


– We are experts in CRM.

– We have the necessary know-how to carry out software projects.

– We provide our consultants with continuous training and Certifications.

– We have extensive experience in more than 200 customers from different industries, in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, other Latin American countries, USA and Canada.


– With the quality, times and conditions agreed upon.

– We make our clients’ own goals.


– We encourage fluid communication with our customers.

– We have tested methodologies for the consulting process, detailed survey, construction and software solutions implementation.

– We apply the best practices in CRM projects, which allow us to successfully carry out solutions of different sizes, through concrete stages, successfully achievable in short periods of time.

Customer Orientation

– We focus on understanding the customer’s need first, in order to offer the right solution.

– We customize our service to each customer, adapting the software solutions, professional profiles, work schedules and everything necessary according to the project to achieve the best results.

– Our efforts are focused on delivering quality solutions that provide added value and generate fully satisfied customers.

Certifications and Quality Policies

We have international certifications that endorse our commitment to quality in our daily work. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Below is our Quality Policy:

GBC Services is committed to continuously improve its Quality Management System, complying with all the requirements subscribed in it, in order to provide the market with a Software Development, Implementation and Support service to meet the needs of its customers.

For this we have identified and assumed the following commitments:

Final quality, perform software development projects, using cutting-edge technology, providing services and products that meet the needs of our customers.

Reliable service and customer care, to provide an implementation and stabilization service that guarantees the quality of the deliverable and customer satisfaction.

Training, support our service with a user training process that achieves user satisfaction and optimizes the use of the product purchased.

Improve customer experience, work on all aspects of the relationship with customers, to achieve satisfaction in their user experience with the solutions provided by GBC Services and in their relationship with our team.

Commitment to comply with legal and applicable requirements.

It must be interpreted by all employees as a guide to conduct and action, both individually and collectively, within the organization in pursuit of achieving its objectives.

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