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We have professionals with diverse roles in projects managed by GBC as well as in Outsourcing and Offshore modality, to be part of work teams in specific projects of our customers. Among these roles we highlight:

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Discover GBC’s comprehensive services backed by extensive experience, skilled professionals, and a customer-oriented approach. Benefit from our global reach, local presence, commitment to innovation, and reliable support for successful technology solutions.


Extensive experience

+25 years, +200 projects, deep industry knowledge.

Skilled professionals

Highly trained experts for optimal solutions.


Tailored services, attentive to client needs.

Global reach, local presence

Latin America base, worldwide service.

Commitment to innovation

Embrace emerging technologies, future-ready solutions.

Reliable support

Trusted partner, ongoing assistance for seamless operations.

GBC in Numbers

Our goal is to achieve our customers success in each project in which we support them and to do so we must ensure high quality services and professionalism.

Offices arround the world​
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Years of experience​
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Projects in dozens of markets​
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Customers from different industries in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, other LATAM countries, USA and Canada​
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